First new TV tech in 10 years

MicroLED is the first brand-new display technology to be commercialized in more than a decade. The last was OLED, which debuted in TVs on the Sony XEL-1 in 2008 and now dominates the TV picture quality race as well as powering most high-end phones. But even today the vast majority of screens, from TVs to laptops to tablets to phones, use older LCD technology instead of OLED. It has taken years for OLED to become more mainstream, and you should expect a similar (long) path for MicroLED. Read the full article.

Latest laptop trends at CES 2019

Many new trends are coming this year for laptops. From the new RTX mobile line from Nvidia to the comeback of OLED, 2019 will bring incredible power to the laptop market. Read all about here.