This Flying Vehicle Has Over 25,000 Successful Flights

Many companies including Airbus, Boeing and the ridesharing giant Uber are in a race to bring personal flying vehicles to the masses. A startup called Kitty Hawk led by former Google employee Sebastian Thrun may be the closest yet. There latest design named “Flyer” has more than 25,000 successful flights.

The flyer is a one-person aircraft that looks like an oversized drone. It weighs 250 pounds, has 10 battery-powered propellors, and uses two joysticks for control. This aircraft won’t be breaking any altitude or speed records since it has a maximum elevation of 10 feet and a top speed of 20 mph. According to the company the Flyer can take off and land vertically and is so easy to fly that a person with no experience can learn it in 15 minutes.

As of this writing, there’s no word on pricing or availability.

We May Soon Be Seeing Flying Cars Above Us

Flying cars were once the stuff of dreams and movies, such as Back to the Future. Recently Uber announced plans to create an air taxi service which they refer to as “Uber Elevate”. Their main goal with this service is to ease traffic congestion and shorten trip times. According to Uber, the service will be cheaper than owning a car-on a per passenger, per mile basis.

Uber estimates the taxis will be ready to launch in 2023 and plans to launch the service in Dallas-Fort Worth and Frisco, Texas areas as well as LA. Right now Uber is still in the early stages and still needs to work with aerospace partners for vehicle designs as well as creating skyports and getting the proper FAA certifications.