3-D Printer Can Recycle Things It Has Made

Recently the International Space Station received a new batch of cargo. One of the items delivered was a new machine called the Refabricator. The Refabricator is a 3-D printer, that allows astronauts to make tools to their own specifications immediately, without waiting months for items to be flown from Earth. What makes the Refabricator special is it’s able to recycle things it’s already printed and turn them into new materials. It can even create the raw 3-D printer filament from old packing supplies, like the foam and plastic shipping materials NASA uses to pack its cargo for the trip to space.  Read more about it.


New 3D printer uses light to create objects

Nicknamed the “replicator” by the inventors — after the Star Trek device that can materialize any object on demand — the 3D-printer can create objects that are smoother, more flexible and more complex than what is possible with traditional 3D-printers. It can also encase an already existing object with new materials — for instance, adding a handle to a metal screwdriver shaft — which current printers struggle to do. Read the full article here.