Dell’s Utility To Help Protect A Vital Part Of A Computer System

Being the new normal, many of us are working from home. Unfortunately in the rush to set up our home offices, security and protection often get overlooked. The current situation has cyber-attacks on the rise which poses the risk of stolen identity, passwords, and personal information.

Recently Dell Technologies released a utility that protects the vital part of a computer system, the BIOS. The utility, called Dell SafeBIOS, relies on behavior-based threat detection to spot imminent attacks and provides a visual analysis of BIOS alterations before and during threats. System administrators can then isolate the targeted device and deploy countermeasures. Dell SafeBIOS is available for download at the Dell web site.

Some common sense things you can do to help protect yourself is keeping your anti-virus up-to-date, download the most recent security updates for your router, and your operating system.

Fears Over Coronavirus Used In Router Malware Scam

The cybersecurity organization Bitdefender reported that phishing scams related to the coronavirus have been detected on Linksys and D-Link routers. Hackers taking advantage of weak passwords change the DNS IP addresses so that instead of going to a legitimate website, the user is redirected to a malicious one.


Once the user goes to the malicious website, a pop-up window appears that says “to have the latest information and instructions about coronavirus (COVID-19).” The pop-up also claims that the information is provided by the World Health Organization. When the download button is clicked, a trojan is installed that steals sensitive information. Such as user keystrokes, passwords, emails, and financial documents.

To combat this threat, users are advised to turn off remote administration on their routers, update to strong passwords for their systems, and make sure anti-virus and anti-malware programs are up to date. Also double-check the spelling of email addresses and websites for variances from legitimate ones.