Sony’s AI Image Sensor

The electronics and entertainment giant Sony has combined artificial intelligence with its image sensor. This new IMX500 sensor is the first of its kind to process images without the need for external hardware and assistance.

The new sensor features 12.3 megapixels and can handle 4K 60 fps video capture.

When it comes to security, the IMX500 shines since the chip can process a massive amount of data locally instead of sending that data to the cloud for processing. Which in turn keeps sensitive video and image data on the device itself. Since the data doesn’t need the cloud, processing times are also cut drastically.

Sony is currently shipping the IMX500 to commercial establishments for evaluation. Consumers can expect to see them sometime early next year. Something to keep in mind Sony is a huge supplier of image sensors for Apple iPhones and Nikon cameras.

New Kind Of Depth-Sensing Camera

Researchers at Harvard have created a “metalens”, producing the ability to sense depth without traditional optical elements. This special lens detects an incoming image as two similar ones with different amounts of blur. These images are compared using an algorithm that’s quick and efficient and results in a real-time, whole-image depth calculation.


The system requires very little computing hardware and power making it highly efficient. Also, the system is compact, measuring only 3 millimetres across.

With its advantages, the lens system can be part of self-driving cars and industrial robots, as well as, small gadgets, smart home items, and phones.