Microsoft’s Next Gen Gaming Console

Microsoft is planning to release quite a bit of tech for this holiday season. One of the most anticipated is its new gaming console, The Xbox Series X. This beast of a system can rival many gaming PCs, and can kick out 4K gameplay with up to 120fps and is 8K ready. This is all possible thanks to AMD’s latest system on chip (SOC).

The brains of the system is a custom 8 core processor featuring AMD’s latest Zen 2 architecture. It’s able to sustain 3.8GHz (3.6 GHz for multithreaded games and apps).

When it comes to the graphics power, the Xbox Series X has 2x the power compared to the Xbox One X or 8x that of the original Xbox One. Built on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture, the GPU feature 56 compute units and runs at 1825MHz sustained. This gives the GPU a compute power of 12 Tflops, also, the graphics processing unit has built-in Ray Tracing.


The Xbox Series X is equipped with 16GB of GDDR6 memory with a 328bit bus. It’s allocated in the following way, 10GB for the GPU, 3.5GB for standard memory task, and 2.5GB for the operating system. Storage is handled by a 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD which has a transfer speed of 2.4GB/s Raw and 4.8GB/s compressed. There is also an external storage port in the back of the console. As of this writing, 1TB is the largest external storage available.


The new form factor of the console is not just aesthetically pleasing but is key to the cooling of the system. Inside you’ll find a dual motherboard setup with a vapor chamber cooling assembly. At the top is a custom fan that is designed to create a vortex that pulls air from the bottom up.


Other features of the Xbox Series X are quick resume which allows players to jump from game to game with very little wait time. Xbox Velocity Architecture takes old games and improves performance, resolution, as well as provide higher stable frame rates. Microsoft has also upgraded its wireless controller. The new controller has sculpted surfaces and a refined geometry for comfort, along with textured grip, a hybrid D-pad, and faster pairing.

There is no official price for the Xbox Series X yet, but given the hardware, expect to pay a premium.  

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