Brain To Text

Neuroscientists at the University of California San Francisco have come up with an artificial intelligence program that can turn thoughts into text. The scientists conducted human trials with four participants. Each of the participants with epilepsy had electrodes implanted into their brains. Then each participant read 50 sentences aloud multiple times, including lines like “there is chaos in the kitchen.”

As each person spoke, the researchers monitored each participants brain activity and input the data into a machine learning algorithm. The algorithm converted the brain wave activity into a string of numbers that encoded the sentences. In another part of the system, the numbers were converted back into a sequence of words.

In the beginning, the system produced some strange results. Over time the system was able to improve, at one point it got 97 percent of the sentences correct.

Currently, this technology is limited to verbal speech, it has the potential to help those who have speech disabilities in the future.

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