Researchers Create A “Smart Surface” That Boost Wifi Signal Strength And Data Rates

Do you experience poor signal strength or slow data transfers when using Wifi? Engineers at the University of California San Diego might just make all that a thing of the past, as they have developed a “smart surface”. In testing, the smart surface extended WiFi range from 98 feet to 147 feet, as well as, doubled its speed.

This surface is a 4″ x 12″ printed circuit board containing 48 small antennas. These antennas combine incoming WiFi signals from a router to create an entirely new path for signals to travel. This new path is just as strong as the original coming from the router. This technology also creates a second data stream that goes to your connected Wifi device. Not only do you get a connection in areas where you could not before, but you also get double the data rate where you already have connectivity.

This technology has a couple unique benefits, one is it’s extremely power efficient, it can last up to a year on a coin cell battery. Second is the technology can be mass-produced for $5 each.

In future studies, the researchers plan to combine multiple smart surfaces to see if they could possibly triple or even quadruple data rates and range.

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