Intel’s New “Ghost Canyon” NUC

Intel has just announced there new NUC computer named “Ghost Canyon“. This is the first NUC computer from Intel that supports a PCIe x16 desktop graphics card “up to 8 inches in length”. Another unique feature of this system is the ability to upgrade its compute unit, which according to Intel keeps it relevant into the future.

The Ghost Canyon system supports the 9th generation series laptop processor up to an i9-9980HK. When it comes to ports, the system comes with a full array including four USB 3.1 jacks, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, dual Gigabit Ethernet sockets, and an HDMI port. The NUC also has two M.2 NVMe slots, two standard DDR4 laptop memory slots, as well as, Wifi 6.


Intel plans to start selling barebones system beginning in March starting around $1,050 for a Core i5, $1,250 for Core i7, and $1,700 for the flagship Core i9 version.

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