New Air Conditioning System Uses Pure Water As The Refrigerant

As temperatures keep rising year after year, air conditioning becomes a necessity during the summer. A company called OxiCool is getting quite the attention at this year’s CES. The company system offers air conditioning with zero emissions, cools an entire house with just water, and is powered by natural gas.

Unlike a traditional air conditioning system that uses a refrigerant that transitions between liquid and gas, absorbing and releasing heat over and over again. The OxiCool system uses pure water as the refrigerant. Because of this, the system uses 90 percent less energy compared to a traditional air conditioner.

The OxiCool system works by using natural gas to boil water in a vacuum chamber while molecular sieves capture the excess H2O vapor, reducing the pressure inside, fans and condensers cool the vapor to return it to its liquid form, starting the cycle over again.

According to the company’s website, the system will soon be able to use solar thermal energy as an option. The company will begin taking pre-orders starting Jan. 10.

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