A Kickstarter Campaign Turns Any Smartphone Into A Microscope

SmartMicroOptics have turned to Kickstarter to fund Diple, a portable kit that transforms any smartphone into a microscope. The kit contains a light source, the stage for samples, slides and a metal plate with an optical system. DIPLE offers three levels of magnification (35x, 75x, and 150x), which can be increased using the phone’s zoom. According to SmartMicroOptics, users will be able to achieve up to 1,000x magnification before getting any pixelation.

The kit comes in three versions. Diple Red has a resolution of about 3 microns. One can see cells or the invisible microorganisms around us. Diple Grey’s resolution is around 1 micron. You can see cells and bacteria. Diple Black is the most powerful lens. Resolution is below 1 micron. Setup is very easy, it involves just placing the camera on the optical system and use the Diple app to control how you scan across the magnified image.


Prices on Kickstarter are between $40-$489 depending on the version you buy. Arrival dates  are between May and June 2020.


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