A Company Plans To Use Energy Kites To Produce Electricity

Many of us as kids flew kites and felt the force of wind when it catches the kite. A company founded in 2013 TwingTec plans to harness that power into electricity. The main principle behind the project is simple, at a height of 500 meters wind power is up to 8x stronger than at a height of 120 meters-which is the height of modern wind turbines. TwingTec’s kite device will use a rope and pulley system to connect it to a ground station. A generator that produces electricity is connected to the axis of the rope pulley.

The company has already tested a prototype device known as the T28 in Autumn 2018. With a wingspan of three meters, the T28 started from its base vehicle, climbed up into the air, circled autonomously for 30 minutes, produced electrical energy and finally landed safely on the launch platform.

The next phase is planned for November 2019 with there new T29 prototype. T29 will not only automatically take off and land, but will also generate up to 10 kW of electrical power and feed it into the grid.

Once the T29 launch is complete and successful, Twingtec plans to take the findings and use it to build the first series product, the TT100. This TT100 energy kite will have a wingspan of 15 meters, be able to take off and land automatically, and generate up to 100kW of electrical power—which would be sufficient for 60 single-family homes.

Looking ahead CEO Rolf Luchsinger says “he plans to build floating wind farms on the sea with his energy kites. There is plenty of space and wind, and energy-kites won’t bother anyone. This is precisely what wind energy needs to speed up the energy revolution.”

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