Prototype System Uses Algae To Sequester Carbon Dioxide

A new company, Hypergiant Industries of Texas, has created a prototype of what it calls an Eos Bioreactor. This Bioreactor uses A.I. to capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere using algae.

The prototype bioreactor is 3′ x 3′ x 3′ and holds 55 gallons of water and algae. “Algae wants CO2 and light,” the company explains on its website. The system uses an artificial light source. The algae and water are pumped through a series of tubes to maximize their exposure to light sources lining the inside of the Reactor.”

Inside the reactor, the algae absorb the carbon dioxide and in the process creates biomass, essentially dried algae. The company says the algae biomass can then be “harvested and processed to create fuel, oils, nutrient-rich high-protein food sources, fertilizers, plastics, cosmetics, and more.”

Currently, the company doesn’t have a timeframe when the product will begin selling. Next year the company plans to make and design algae boxes open-source and see what the world will make of them.


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