Clothing Protects You From Rain, Stains, And Allows You To Control Electronics

Researchers from Purdue University have developed innovative new clothing that allows the wearer to control electronic devices. It also keeps you fresh, dry, fashionable, clean and safe from the latest virus that’s going around. For the first time, a technique has been created that can transform any existing cloth item or textile into a self-powered e-textile containing sensors, music players or simple illumination displays using simple embroidery.

This clothing is based on omniphobic triboelectric nanogeneragtors which use simple embroidery and fluorinated molecules to embed small electronic components into clothing. This new e-textile can harvest the energy of the user to power textile-based electronics and the interface makes it possible to seamlessly communicate with machines and the Internet of Things.

Aside from protecting you from rain, stains, and bacteria, the e-textile can be washed many times in a conventional washing machine without any apparent degradation. This is an important advancement of wearable machine-human interfaces.

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