“Agent Smith” Malware Infects More Than 25 Million Devices

According to security firm Check Point, a new Android malware has already infected more than 25 million devices. The malware that researchers named “Agent Smith” doesn’t steal data from users. Instead it rewrites the code of apps and forces them to display more ads or takes credit for the ads they already display so that the malware’s operator can profit off the fraudulent views.

Although the malware primarily infected devices in India with an estimated 15 million devices infected in that region alone, Check Point says the malware has infected more then 300,000 devices in the US. The malware’s creator attempted to add 11 apps into the Google Play Store, luckily accord to Check Point, Google removed all the malicious apps before they went live.

Check Point writes “This application was as malicious as they come” and seems to be run by a Chinese company that claims to help developers publish their apps.

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