3D-Printed Neighborhood Constructed In 24 Hours

In an undisclosed location somewhere in Latin America, a unique project is taking place. A community of 50 farmers and weavers will be getting the first ever 3D-printed homes. They’ll be built in a 24-hour period by the San Francisco-based design firm Fuseproject, which is working in conjunction with the housing non-profit New Story and ICON, a construction technologies company.


According to Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar, these homes can be customized for the homeowners. The owners can specify two or three bedrooms, the shape of the walls to have different functionality, and the exterior concrete color.

On its website, Fuseproject says “It is our belief that designers, builders, and technology innovators have the potential to bring unprecedented speed and scale to housing design that can elevate the lives of some of the most impoverished populations around the globe. 3D printing, in particular, offers a new and powerful tool for realizing this potential and driving this mission forward.” Click here to learn more.

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