Bluetooth 5: What is it?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that was created for the exchange of data between stationary and mobile devices over short distances. The first phone to feature the technology was the Sony Ericsson T39 which hit store shelves back in 2001. Over the years Bluetooth has gone through many version changes and specification improvements mainly affecting security, data speed, power efficiency, and range.

Bluetooth 5 is the latest version which first debuted in the Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. The main benefits to Bluetooth 5 are huge improvements in speed and range. Compared to Bluetooth 4.2 which has a 60 meter (196 feet) range and 1Mbps data transfer speed, Bluetooth 5 doubles the data transfer speed to 2Mbps and quadruples the range to 240 meters (787 feet).

Bluetooth 5 also features Beacon Technology, that allows businesses to send ads, coupons, and promotions to your phones and tablets. Beacon Technology can also be used to help you navigate in places like airports, hospitals, and shopping malls. Another feature that’s unique to Bluetooth 5, is the ability to play audio on two devices at the same time with no lag. An example of this, you could have two headphones connected to your tablet and stream the audio of a movie to both headphones simultaneously.

Just in case you were wondering, Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible with the previous version.

With all its features and advancements, Bluetooth 5 will play a huge role in future smart devices and smart appliances.

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