Sci-Fi tech becomes reality

The Universal Translator once only seen in science fiction shows like “Star Trek” is finally a reality thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. This year many companies at the Consumer Electronics Show were promoting these sophisticated devices that allow people speaking different languages to converse with each other.

One such company, Waverly Labs demonstrated their device the “Pilot”. They did this by having an AFP journalist speaking French translated to English-speaking Andrew Ochoa, CEO of Waverly Labs. The device works by sending what is said through the cloud to a data center that then sends the appropriate translations back to the people having the conversation. Waverly Lab’s “Pilot” is able to translate 15 languages and is priced at $180.

The Japanese company Sourcenext is looking at its “Pocketalk” to help with translation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Sourcenext’s “Pocketalk” is able to translate 74 languages and is priced at $299.

Google being the tech giant there are is also in the game with free translation software that ties into there Pixel earbuds. During the CES, Google announced they were building translation ability into a variety of new products through its virtual assistant software.

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