Vertical Farming: the key to feeding the world

A San Mateo based company Crop One Holdings has launched a multi-million dollar joint venture with Emirates Flight Catering. The goal is to build the worlds largest “vertical farming facility” in Dubai.

This facility will produce herbicide and pesticide free greens with an estimated yield of 3 tons of produce per day. Since this is a hydroponic facility the plants don’t need soil, they are grown using just water and a growth medium which allows precise control of nutrients. Another advantage is because this is all indoors many variables can be controlled like temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels.

Having control over these variables means plants can grow at a higher density and that leads to higher output for the same amount of growth space. With the population of the world growing and expected to reach 9.8 billion by the year 2050, these vertical farming facilities will play a big part in feeding the global population in the future.

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