United Nations Floating City

Recently at a United Nations conference, a group of builders, engineers, and architects revealed a concept for an affordable floating city capable of housing 10,000 residents. Oceanix City as it’s called was designed by renowned architect Bjarke Ingels in collaboration with Oceanix (a company that builds floating structures). This city is designed to withstand natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, and Category 5 hurricanes.

Besides being structurally sound the city is designed to be fully self-sustaining by utilizing advanced technologies. Waste management will be handled by pneumatic trash tubes that would transport the trash to a central sorting station, where it could be recycled and repurposed. To feed the residents special enclosures under the city would be used to harvest scallops, kelp, and other types of seafood. Year-round fruits and vegetables would be grown using vertical hydroponic farms. When it comes to drinking water engineers are looking at Air to Water systems. These systems pull moisture from the air and purify it so it’s safe to drink.

Although still a concept city the ideas and technologies planned for Oceanix City may one day reshape regular cities around the world.

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