TestDrop Pro: the essential water quality tool

Water is essential to our lives, we use it for everyday tasks like brushing our teeth, bathing, and cooking. The one thing we don’t think about is the quality of the water. If you think about it our water goes through miles of pipes before reaching us and in that journey we really don’t know what kind of contaminants the water is picking up. Now there’s a device that checks for contaminants and more, it’s called the TestDrop Pro by Lishtot. The TestDrop Pro checks for heavy metals, biologicals, organic materials and unlike other water quality tests the TestDrop Pro does this without the use of chemicals. It works by scanning the electric field of the water and because of this the device never comes in contact with the water.

To use the device all you have to do is pour a little of the test water into a plastic cup hold the TestDrop Pro next to it, press a button if the light turns blue it’s safe to drink and red if not. Since the TestDrop Pro is small enough to fit on a keychain, you can take it with you anywhere. To learn more check out the company website.

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