The pebble that protects your home Wi-Fi network

With so many smart devices out there how is one suppose to keep them secure? Meet Dojo by BullGuard, which adds a layer of protection for your home network. The Dojo comes in two pieces: one is the base that connects to your Wi-Fi network and the second is a large pebble looking device which is the Dojo itself. Once setup, the Dojo automatically detects devices and monitors their traffic to detect and stop suspicious activities.


On top of the Dojo are rings of light that indicate the protection status. Green means protected; yellow means a risk has been detected and automatically fixed. Red means that action must be taken in the Dojo smartphone app.


The smartphone app is available for both Android and iOS and is used for the setup process and management of the Dojo. If you have a lot of smart devices and want extra protection as well as peace of mind the Dojo is something you may want to check out.


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